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Seen and Noted : March 2010

Best Craigslist ad - Mar 18, 2010  (permalink)

best craigslist ad.jpeg
In an effort to sell 300 cinder blocks, this guy has created one of the funniest ads i've ever seen.

Open 4 Lunch - Mar 4, 2010  (permalink)

open 4 lunch sign
Near our office is this little Asian restaurant's ingenious hand made sign. There is just something refreshing about this.

Is it good? - Mar 4, 2010  (permalink)

img 0699
We are doomed if we think this is good.

The angle - Mar 4, 2010  (permalink)

Not much to be said here, just an ideal situation.

Sub-standard - Mar 4, 2010  (permalink)

Who designs this shit, and why would a client buy it?

Plastic Cactus - Mar 4, 2010  (permalink)

plastic cactus
What is this idiotic thing?! The base is plastic, the cactus is plastic. WHAT!!?? Who do they think they're fooling?





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