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Segura Seen and Noted

Laziness - Feb 1, 2015  (permalink)


Old photo - Jan 27, 2015  (permalink)

old photo

"i" in the "a" - Oct 3, 2012  (permalink)

This defies everything we've been told.

i in team

ONL Y - Jul 17, 2012  (permalink)

If only someone had higher standards. This is how Chicago paints its streets.


Go - Mar 19, 2012  (permalink)

During a recent trip to Miami's Design District, I caught this on the pavement of a corner sidewalk. (just like the game).


no BYOB - Dec 16, 2011  (permalink)

Bi-lingual sign at a Korean BBQ restaurant in Chicago.

no byob

Mr. T - Nov 28, 2011  (permalink)

Mr. T is nowhere to be found.

restauran open

Pleas - Nov 25, 2011  (permalink)

I hate it when they ask for it, but if you're gonna ask. Ask right.

tips pleas

Borders - Apr 4, 2011  (permalink)

Seen at the closing of Borders on Chicago's Michigan Avenue. (via Erik Spiekermann)


Egyptian Presidency site - Feb 13, 2011  (permalink)

screen shot 2011 02 13 at 4.27.36 pm.png
Egyptian Presidency website: Best "under construction" page ever.

Kar Wach - Sep 7, 2010  (permalink)

kar wach
As the "car wash" sign states, we write it wrong but we wash it right.





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