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3d and1 roundball font 2

And1  (Roundball font)

And1 approached us to design an exclusive typeface based on their logotype for use in their web and print designs. Created from scratch and working from just three letters and a number, we (thru our partner T26) designed RoundBall Regular and Bold.

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buell t

Buell  (Commercial)

This 60 second television commercial was done for Buell Motorcycles by director Anders Uhl and Carlos Segura. It features the Buell Lightning.

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harley davidson book cover 03

Harley Davidson  (90th anniversary book)

90th anniversary book for Harley-Davidson.

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illinois tourism in icon

Illinois Tourism  (Custom font)

Illinois Now is a quarterly magazine published by the Illinois Bureau of Tourism. They needed an easier way of handling the icons used throughout the magazine and supplemental brochures. They provided the icons in EPS format which we cleaned up and incorporated into a single dingbat font.

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illinois logo 1

Illinois Tourism  (Logo)

Logo concepts for Illinois Tourism.

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kicksology stationery 10

Kicksology  (Stationery)

Stationery and identity system for Kicksology, an online company based out of Chicago dedicated to reviewing basketball shoes.

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mongoose book cover

Mongoose  ("Oh, The Places You Will Go" book)

Mongoose's "Oh, The Places You Will Go" 2001 products catalog in the form a of a "story" book.

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penske logo 1b

Penske  (Logo)

Logos for Marlboro's Team Penske Racing team through Leo Burnett.

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performance bikes logo 1b

Performance Bikes  (Logo)

Logo concepts for Performance Bike.

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rock shox catalog 11

RockShox  (Catalog)

RockShox, a company owned by SRAM asked us to position the brand and develop their new products catalog for the 2007 model year of front and rear shocks. Our first task was to develope a tag line to be used across the board on their advertising campaign (which we also did), as well as all collateral materials. "The Earth Is Not Flat" led us to visually materialize the catalog "footprint" to represent not only the concept of the tagline, but also the product benefit of their "first to market" bike shocks.

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rockshox fork reba home

RockShox  (Front Forks)

RockShox, a company owned by SRAM asked us to create "logotypes" and designs for their "first to market" bike shocks.

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rock shox logo home

RockShox  (Logo)

RockShox logo "update", giving it a more modern feel while keeping it recognizable and making it less "retro" looking.

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rock shox poster

RockShox  (Poster)

Poster inserted in the 2007 products catalog for that model year.

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rockshox rear shock monarch 5

RockShox  (Rear shocks)

RockShox, a company owned by SRAM asked us to create "logotypes" and designs for their rear shocks.

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sram 25 quim 1

SRAM  (25th Anniversary book)

The SRAM 25th Anniversary book documents the struggles, pitfalls and successes of a company that now enjoys a leadership role in the sport of bicycling.

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25ram logo

SRAM  (25th Anniversary logo)

This logo was created to celebrate SRAM's 25th anniversary and to be used in a variety of materials, promotional items and events, starting with a very special and limited edition book on the history of the company.

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noir road 1

Truvativ  (NOIR cranks)

Redesing of the Noir logo and the graphics applications on their three new, top-of-the-line carbon fibre cranks for Truvativ, a division of SRAM.

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noir logo 1

Truvativ  (Noir logo)

Noir is the top of the line black carbon cranks for Truvative (a division of SRAM). This is part of a series of designs expanded thruout the Noir line.

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xxx 97 cover

XXX Snowboards  ("Sack" Catalog)

This followup to the initial launch was designed and created to act as a keepsake. It contained a trip diary, snowboarding tips, a calendar, resort, airline, information center and other phone numbers, and an avalanche guide among others, all in a water-proof silk-screened sack in assorted colors.

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xxx logo 1

XXX Snowboards  (Logo)

A series of logos for XXX Snowbaords.

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xxx 2 flame

XXX Snowboards  (Snowboards)

XXX snowboards board graphics for a period of two seasons.

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xxx display

XXX Snowboards  (Wax tins)

XXX Snowboards's line of specially produced "sex-wax" for their snowboard product line.

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