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Custom Font

3d and1 roundball font 2

And1  (Roundball font)

And1 approached us to design an exclusive typeface based on their logotype for use in their web and print designs. Created from scratch and working from just three letters and a number, we (thru our partner T26) designed RoundBall Regular and Bold.

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3d cartoon network aura wobbly

Cartoon Network  (Wobbly font)

Custom font titled "Wobbly" made from a modifed version of a T26 font for The Cartoon Network.

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illinois tourism in icon

Illinois Tourism  (Custom font)

Illinois Now is a quarterly magazine published by the Illinois Bureau of Tourism. They needed an easier way of handling the icons used throughout the magazine and supplemental brochures. They provided the icons in EPS format which we cleaned up and incorporated into a single dingbat font.

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jd blacklabel raster

Jack Daniels  (Custom fonts)

A custom series of fonts via Arnold for Jack Daniel's, showcasing the label's typography.

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kahlua 3

Kahlua  (Custom font)

Three custom built and modified versions of a T26 font called Toulouse Lautrec for all Kahlua advertising done via BBDO Chicago.

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3d claudicious regbold

LaSalle Bank  (Custom fonts)

As part of a long-term ad campaign developed by Cramer-Krasselt for LaSalle Bank, we digitized this selection of handwriting specimens thru our T26 venture. To enhance the fonts' handwritten feel, optional glyphs were included in each font giving Cramer-Krasselt's production artists additional flexibility for type direction.

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nissan xterra logo

Nissan  (Xterra ad campaign)

In conjunction with Chiat Day, we developed a wood-block letter-pressed inspired typeface for use on all Nissan Xterra materials. There were six levels of decay developed for use in text that would prevent words with the same letters to be repeated. Additionally, two sets of eps drawing were supplied with a greater degree of detail in gray scale form (which could not be delivered as a font).

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pacific bell font 1

Pacific Bell  (Custom fonts)

A custom font was developed thru our T26 venture via Goodby Silverstein for use in their new Pacific Bell national advertising campaign.

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3d prudential font 1

Prudential  (Custom fonts)

Two fonts were developed thru our T26 venture for Prudential. A serif family called "Gibraltar" and a sans serif family called "Rock", each with six weights, via Samata Mason.

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q101 t7 game over font.png

Q101  (Custom font)

Custom font and dingbats set developed (via our T26 venture) to be used for Q101 radio's annual "Twisted 7" concert series. This year's theme was "video games".

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3d teen people font 1

Teen People  (Custom font)

People Magazine's daughter publication loved Lee Fasciani's "Duty" family, but wanted a heavier variation. We fattened it up in two weights: Black and ExtraBlack. While we were at it, they had us modify a few glyphs across the entire family, all for Teen People magazine.

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Wall Street Journal  (Custom font)

A font was developed based on The Wall Street Journal master for use in their new national advertising campaign via Goodby Silverstein.

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