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buell t

Buell  (Commercial)

This 60 second television commercial was done for Buell Motorcycles by director Anders Uhl and Carlos Segura. It features the Buell Lightning.

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hewitt ad 4

Hadrian's Wall  (Hewitt ads)

Hewitt ad campaign via Hadrian's Wall.

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infiniti q car

Infiniti  (Q ad campaign)

Infiniti Q ad campaign via Chiat Day. Type direction, Illustrations and layout.

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exposicion nutricion 6a1.png

Nat Museo Blau  (Exposicion Nutricion)

A joint effort with Pettit Comite in Barcelona for the Nat Muaseo Blau's Exposicion Nutricion.

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nintendo gameboy ad 1

Nintendo  (Gameboy ads)

Nintendo Gameboy ads via Leo Burnett announcing the new ability play games on your TV.

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nissan altima rx tag 1

Nissan  (Altima ad campaign)

Nissan ad campaign development via Chiat Day. Type direction, Illustrations and layout.

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nissan xterra logo

Nissan  (Xterra ad campaign)

In conjunction with Chiat Day, we developed a wood-block letter-pressed inspired typeface for use on all Nissan Xterra materials. There were six levels of decay developed for use in text that would prevent words with the same letters to be repeated. Additionally, two sets of eps drawing were supplied with a greater degree of detail in gray scale form (which could not be delivered as a font).

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t7 ad 4

Q101  (Twisted-7 ads)

Ad campaign for the "Twisted-7" concert series for Q101 Radio in Chicago. Shown are concert assorted ads showcasing some of the bands, like Cypress Hill, Deftones, Everlast, Incubus, Live, Orgy and Papa Roach.

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idpure ad

T26 Digital Type Foundry  (Advertising)

Since 1994, T26 has produced ads for publication in magazines around the world to promote the brand and the fonts they represent. These are just a few.

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