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5inch home

5inch  (Website)

The 5inch site designs, produces and sells pre-designed, silk-screened blank CDRs, DVDs and trigger cases as unique as the data put on them.

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ct home

Cartype  (Website)

Cartype is a comprehensive study and collection of reviews and typographical applications of emblems, car company logos and car logos with images, comments, links, car company information and general interest.

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catalyst home

Catalyst  (Website)

Catalyst Exhibits is located in Crystal Lake, Illinois and is a designer and manufacturer of stands and displays for trade shows and expositions. They produce everything in-house, as well as manage, install and archive the installations.

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aguillera web promo t

Christina Aguilera  (Promotional Web Trailer)

Limited edition CD and animated flash web registration promotional trailer for Christina Aguilera.

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festfoto home

Fest Foto  (Website)

Fest Foto website for Jason Fest, a photographer based in Michigan.

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gogo home

GoGo  (Website)

Website (as part of a full identity system) for GoGo images, a royalty free stock photography company focusing on minorities.

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mim t.png

Metaphors in Motion  (Website)

Website for Metaphors in Motion, who's message is the "Art of transportation" captured through photography. Focused on collectors of cars, aircraft, or marine who want the objects they love and own expressed as a photographic "art piece".

Metaphors in Motion tells a visual story of a vehicle presented as a series of photographs which delve not only into the form, color, and detail but also the context in which the photograph is taken. The surroundings and reflections serve to enrich the quality and experience of the "art piece".

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t26 home 8 9

T26 Digital Type Foundry  (Website)

Website for the T26 Digital Type Foundry established by Carlos Segura in 1994 to promote the development, promotion, and distribution of independent type design.

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zoodango home 2

Zoodango  (Website)

Website for Zoodango (as part of a full identity system), an internet-based company that empowers people to network professionally online and face to face.

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