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5600b selling at the speed of change logo v1 1 1

5600b  (Logo)

The 5600 Blue consultancy is a division of Think! Inc. and is based out of Chicago.

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5inch logo 3 1

5inch  (Logo)

5inch are the creators of pre-designed, silk-screened blank CDRs, DVDs and trigger cases.

Recording artists use 5inch discs as demos of theor most recent audio excursions. Designers, artists and photographers use the discs to showcase their portfolios. Their discs are also ideal for your MP3s, video and multimedia presentations, photo albums, file transfers and data backup.

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arck logo

Arc/k  (logo)

Arc/k, a non profit organization dedicated to preserving cultural and historic sties around the world.

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big sky logo

Big Sky  (Logo)

Big Sky is a group of autobody shops founded in Arizona.

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biketype screen 1100w

Biketype  (Logo)

BikeType is a website featuring a comprehensive collection of emblems, bike company histories, logos, typographical & graphical reviews, design features and just about anything that is bike related.

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cafe fx logo 1

Cafe FX  (Logo)

CafeFX is a film production company based in California.

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catalyst logo 1

Catalyst  (Logo)

Catalyst is an exhibitions/creative services company located in Crystal Lake, Illinois.

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celsius logo 530

Celcius Films  (Logo)

Celcius Films is a film production company based in New York.

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computer cafe logo 3

Computer Cafe  (Logo)

Branding for Computer Cafe, a film production company in California (which was part of a full identity system).

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corbis deadline logo 1 1

Corbis  (Deadline logo)

Identity for Deadline, a Corbis special service for editorial images.

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corbis itch logo 1

Corbis  (Itch logo)

The Itch identity is part of an ongoing series of catalogs from Corbis created to announce and celebrate the joining of the Zefa collection of images with Corbis.

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corbis logo 1 1

Corbis  (Logo)

Identity system for Corbis stock photography, based out of Seattle.

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cmt logo 1 1

Country Music Television  (Logo)

Type treatments and titling sequences for the 2006 Country Music Television "CMT Music Awards".

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cultura logo

Cultura  (Logo)

Logo for Hispanic advertising agency based in Texas.

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3d dojo 4cards

Dojo  (Logo)

Full branding, logo and stationery system for Foote Cone & Belding's "e-practice" called Dojo.

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dt icon 1.png

Done10  (logo)

Done10 is a new type of creative firm. Dedicated to only doing 10 projects a year at a rating of 10.

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elevation logo 530

Elevation  (Logo)

Logo for Elevation, a new media company in Chicago.

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elicit logo.png

elicit  (logo)

elicit logo. Part of a complete branding package.

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espn magazine logo 1

ESPN  (The Magazine logo)

Identity marks developed for ESPN's "The Magazine" publication.

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jason fest logo 3

Fest Foto  (Logo)

Logo, part of a full identity system for Jason Fest, a photographer based in Michigan.

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ftd logo 1 sm

FTD  (Logo)

Logo variation concepts for FTD.com.

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fulton market logo 1

Fulton Market Films  (Logo)

Fulton Market Films logo, a film production company based in Chicago.

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garbage g2 logo 3b

Garbage  (Logo)

Logos, type treatments and iconography for the band Garbage, and their second release.

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gator logo 1

Gator  (logo)

The creation of a new identity for Gator® Utility Vehicles (a division of John Deer).

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gigmania logo 1 1

Gigmania  (Logo)

Gigmania is a national online concert listings portal.

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gogo logo 2

GoGo  (Logo)

Logo for "GoGo" images, a royalty free stock photography company focusing on minorities.

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3d go printer pin

GoPrinter  (Logo)

Logo for GoPrinter.com, a business to business printing consultant company.

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holt mcdougal logo 2

Holt McDougal  (Logo)

Logo for Holt McDougal, grades 6-12 educational publishing company.

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illinois logo 1

Illinois Tourism  (Logo)

Logo concepts for Illinois Tourism.

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industri pl 6b 1.png

industri  (logo)

industri is a newly formed advertising agency in 2013 based in Detroit, Michigan.

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intel logo 2 home

Intel  (Dual Chip logo)

Logo explorations for Intel's new dual chip technology.

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intersect logo 1

Intersect  (Logo)

Logo for Intersect, an African-American advertising agency based in Chicago.

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jive council logo 1

Jive Council  (Logo)

Logo for Jive Council, a Chicago based jazz fusion band produced by Thickface Records.

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kodak gen5 logo 3 1

Kodak  (Gen5 logo)

A series of logos for Kodak's Gen5 film.

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lexico dictionary logo

Lexico  (Logo unification project)

Identity system consisting of the unification of Lexico, and it's three online brands, Dictionary.com, Reference.com and Thesaurus.com.

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lightflow logo 2

Lightflow  (Logo)

Logo for Lightflow, a web firm in California.

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merchandise mart logo 1b

Marchandise Mart  (Logo)

Logo for Chicago's Marchandise Mart.

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marks markus logo home

Marks|Markus  (Logo)

Logo for Marks|Markus, a health food import company.

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master guo logo 1b

Master Guo  (Logo)

Logo for Master Guo. Dr. Zhengang Guo, 7th generation Traditional Chinese Medical doctor also trained in Western Medicine as a practicing surgeon and oncologist for 12 years in China, a master herbalist/acupuncturist and lecturer well respected from around the world.

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3d mca logo

MCA  (Logo)

Logo for MCA Records (Music Corporation of America).

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mim logo 1

Metaphors in Motion  (Logo)

Logo for Metaphors in Motion, who's message is the "Art of transportation" captured through photography. Focused on collectors of cars, aircraft, or marine who want the objects they love and own expressed as a photographic "art piece".

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mitea logo 1b

Mitea  (Logo)

Logo (as part of a full identity system) for MiTea, importers of rare teas from around the world.

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mtv ci logo 2 1

MTV  (Campus Invasion Tour logo)

MTV Campus Invasion Tour logos featuring performances my Moby and Bush.

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3d mtv networks logo

MTV Networks  (MTV Networks logo)

Logo for the MTV Networks.

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3d square frame 1

Narrative Arc  (logo)

Narrative Arc is a fashion styling collective.

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ny type directors club logo 1

New York Type Directors Club  (Logo)

Identity development for the New York Art Directors Club first type conference of 2000.

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nyco logo 2

NYCO  (Logo)

Logo for NYCO, a Chicago based rock band lead by Ted Atkatz.

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omaha logo 1

Omaha Films  (Logo)

Identity for Omaha Films, a film production company.

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penske logo 1b

Penske  (Logo)

Logos for Marlboro's Team Penske Racing team through Leo Burnett.

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performance bikes logo 1b

Performance Bikes  (Logo)

Logo concepts for Performance Bike.

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pgi logo.png

PGi  (Logo)

Premiere Global's re-branding effort leading to the new PGi logo. The PGI brand's four primary online services: PGiMeet, PGiSend, PGiMarket and PGiNotify divisions.

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plungees logo 1b 1

Plungees  (Logo)

Brand identity for Plungees, a decorative, custom design plunger and storage device for the home.

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pocketcard logo 1.png

PocketCard  (PocketCard)

Logo for PocketCard, a "rechargeable" credit card for kids and controlled by parents.

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q101 alternative logo 1

Q101  (Logo)

Logo for Q101, Chicago's "Alternative" radio station.

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radio active 3

Radio Active  (Stationery)

Full identity system for Radio Active, an Audio production company and recording studio in Chicago.

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rock the nation logo 1b

Rock The Nation  (Logo)

"Rock The Nation" voter registration program logos.

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rock shox logo home

RockShox  (Logo)

RockShox logo "update", giving it a more modern feel while keeping it recognizable and making it less "retro" looking.

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sam logo 1c

SAM  (Logo)

Brand identity development for comic book artist Sal Abbinanti, known as SAM.

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3d scott foresman k7 logo

Scott Foresman  (Logo)

"K7" logo for Scott Foresman, a school book publisher who needed a mark to identify books produced for kindergarten thru seventh grades.

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shengna logo 3

Shengna  (Logo)

Shengna is a Chinesse online music portal with information on concerts, events and other forms of entertainment thru-out China.

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spontaneous logo 1

Spontaneous Combustion  (Logo)

Spontaneous Combustion is a special effects and film production company in New York.

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25ram logo

SRAM  (25th Anniversary logo)

This logo was created to celebrate SRAM's 25th anniversary and to be used in a variety of materials, promotional items and events, starting with a very special and limited edition book on the history of the company.

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sos logo.png

Streets Of Sadness  (Logo)

The Streets Of Sadness effort attempts to shed light on those who've had it bad for a long time.

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tiaxa logo 3

Tiaxa  (Logo)

Logo (as part of a full identity system) for Tiaxa, a cellular telephone company in Latin America and based out of Miami.

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tnn logo 1

TNN  (Station ID logo)

A series of station ID logo treatments for TNN (The National Network).

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noir logo 1

Truvativ  (Noir logo)

Noir is the top of the line black carbon cranks for Truvative (a division of SRAM). This is part of a series of designs expanded thruout the Noir line.

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xxx logo 1

XXX Snowboards  (Logo)

A series of logos for XXX Snowbaords.

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yosho logo 1

Yosho  (Logo)

Logo (as part of a complete identity system) for Yosho, a programing, multimedia and web development company in California.

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zoodango logo 3

Zoodango  (Logo)

Logo for Zoodango (as part of a full identity system), an internet-based company that empowers people to network professionally online and face to face.

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