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folkart 1 carrier

American Crew  (Folk Art books)

A series of Folk Art books showcasing the "grass-roots" creativity of often unknown or hidden talents.

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rock book cover 1

American Crew  (Rock Book)

The "Rock Book" is a limited edition book showcasing up-and-coming artists in the music industry.

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rb2 cover

American Crew  (Rock Book 2)

Limited edition book showcasing up-and-coming artists in the music industry. This book was designed as a CD case, with all the pages as loose plastic inserts held by 3-ring clips and also includes a CD sampler.

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ct book 1

Cartype  (Book)

Book cover for Cartype, a comprehensive look at the automotive business' logos, marks, emblems and type treatments.

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3d does dont it 1 3

Does, Don't it?  (Magazine covers)

Magazine covers for Does / Don't it?

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harley davidson book cover 03

Harley Davidson  (90th anniversary book)

90th anniversary book for Harley-Davidson.

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the style jeff kern

John Cleveland  (1000 Words book)

"One Thousand Words" book for John Cleveland, a technical writer with photography by Geof Kern.

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3d fresh styles hardcover1 frig

McMillan Publishing  (Fresh Ideas book covers)

Covers for McMillan Publishing's "Fresh Styles For Web Design" book series.

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3d taking talent to web 7

McMillan Publishing  (Talent To The Web book cover series.)

Covers for McMillan Publishing's "Taking Your Talents To The Web" book series by Jeffrey Zeldman.

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mongoose book cover

Mongoose  ("Oh, The Places You Will Go" book)

Mongoose's "Oh, The Places You Will Go" 2001 products catalog in the form a of a "story" book.

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3d new riders jakob nielsen cover 2

New Riders  (Home Page Usability book cover)

Covers for New Riders Publishing's "Home Page Usability" book cover by Jakob Neilsen.

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3d reset 2covers 1

Reset  (Book)

Cover design for "Reset. Moving culture forward". by Sun Segura. An overview of the traditional Korean culture and how it applies, effects and influences the global stage.

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3d no words to describe cover

Segura  (No Words to Describe)

No title. No type. No verbiage. No stories and no content other than photos of buildings, walls, homes and businesses covered in solid areas of color, usually white or brown, in an effort to cover graffiti, and therefore making its own version of visual clutter.

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segura 30 book 1

Segura  (Promotional book)

A very limited edition Segura promotional book called "30 pieces" (cd case carrier and slipcase)

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sram 25 quim 1

SRAM  (25th Anniversary book)

The SRAM 25th Anniversary book documents the struggles, pitfalls and successes of a company that now enjoys a leadership role in the sport of bicycling.

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3d t26 bold 2

T26 Digital Type Foundry  (BOLD )

T26 "BOLD" book celebration the foundry's 10th anniversary.

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yosho book

Yosho  (Book)

Book for Yosho outlining their capabilities by showing how we as people come in contact with their product and services each day without knowing or thinking about it.

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