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The Corbis "Crop-3" catalog was the first of the series to be dedicated to a specific subject, in this case, we were asked to build the piece around "sports". Our goal was to develop a unique way to cover this global interest, so we divided the five separate sections of sports featured in this catalog in a different way. In one, we organized them by the seasons the sport is played, in another they are arranged by the emotion they conjure, and in others we organize them by sector, like the one which features celebrates.

corbis c3 box cover

Corbis Crop 3 large-format catalog cover and square box.

corbis c3 set

Corbis Crop 3 large-format catalog samples.

corbis c3 cover

Corbis Crop 3 large-format catalog front and back cover.

c3 stages 02 03

Corbis' Crop-3 "Stages" section. Victory and Success spread.

c3 stages 04 05

Corbis' Crop-3 "Stages" section. Concentration spread.

c3 stages 14 15

Corbis' Crop-3 "Stages" section. Preparation spread.

c3 stages 10 11

Corbis' Crop-3 "Stages" section. Struggle spread.

c3 stages 12 13

Corbis' Crop-3 "Stages" section. Confrontation spread.

c3 stages 06 07

Corbis' Crop-3 "Stages" section. Anticipation spread.

c3 stages 08 09

Corbis' Crop-3 "Stages" section. Execute spread.

c3 stages 16

Corbis' Crop-3 "Stages" section. Defeat page.

c3 season 01 50

Corbis' Crop-3 "Seasons" section front cover.

corbis c3 stamp 1

Corbis' Crop-3 "Seasons" section front cover stamp detail.

c3 season 08 09 50

Corbis' Crop-3 "Stages" section. Archery and Pole Vault spread.

c3 season 04 05 50

Corbis' Crop-3 "Stages" section. Snowboarding spread.

c3 season 10 11 50

Corbis' Crop-3 "Stages" section. Hiking and Swimming spread.

c3 season 02 03 50

Corbis' Crop-3 "Stages" section. Skiing and Football spread.

c3 season 06 07 50

Corbis' Crop-3 "Stages" section. Cricket and Mountain Biking spread.

c3 season 12 50

Corbis' Crop-3 "Seasons" section back cover.

corbis c3 stamps

Corbis' Crop-3 "Seasons" section stamps detail.

c3 celeb 01

Corbis' Crop-3 "Celebrity" section's front cover featuring Monica Potter.

c3 celeb 02 03

Corbis' Crop-3 "Celebrity" section's spread featuring Lucy Liu and Mel Gibson.

c3 celeb 04 05

Corbis' Crop-3 "Celebrity" section's spread featuring Josh Hartnett and Monica Keena.

c3 celeb 10 11

Corbis' Crop-3 "Celebrity" section's spread featuring Greg Kinnear and Chris Rock.

c3 celeb 08 09

Corbis' Crop-3 "Celebrity" section's spread featuring Mariska Hargitay and Matt LeBlanc.

c3 celeb 06 07

Corbis' Crop-3 "Celebrity" section's spread featuring Charlie Sheen, Micheal J. Fox, Jet Li, Jenny McCarthy, Willie Nelson, LL Cool J, Samual L. Jackson and Jack Black.

c3 celeb 12

Corbis' Crop-3 "Celebrity" section's back cover featuring Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson.

c3 history 01 50

Corbis' Crop-3 "History" section. Sea Biscuit and War Admiral match race.

c3 history 0405 50

Corbis' Crop-3 "History" section. James Garner as Formula 1 racer Pete Aron.

c3 history 0607 50

Corbis' Crop-3 "History" section. Sumo wrestling match.

c3 history 0203 50

Corbis' Crop-3 "History" section. Mechanics working on Nortons.

c3 history 08 50

Corbis' Crop-3 "History" section. Harold Osborne wins Olympic High Jump.

corbis c3 box 2

Corbis' Crop-3 with square and triangle box.

corbis c3 box detail

Corbis' Crop-3 triangle box detail.

corbis c3 box flat

Corbis' Crop-3 square box flat.