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In early 2011, we were approached and asked to develop a new identity for Gator® Utility Vehicles (a division of John Deer). They were about to launch a new series of vehicles, like the RSX850i Sport. With an MSRP of $13,000, this is a substantial and sophisticated product, and the brand was looking to raise the bar in every respect, including what we and they believed to be a less than appropriate logo.

We did an extensive exploration for a period of several months, and finally landed on the mark that resembled more of a shield or emblem (like a vehicle would be expected to carry) than a logo. However, after a year or so of internal debates, the brand decided to keep their old logo (see bottom). So we now share this mark with you as an "exploration".

NEW LOGO - not used
gator logo 1

Gator logo (textured).

gator logo 2

Gator logo (solid).

gator logo greyset

Gator logo (in greyscale).

gator logo bw 2 set

Gator logo (in black & white).

gator logo bw 1 set

Gator logo (in black & white).

OLD LOGO - used
gator logo old2.png

Gator logo (old and current version)