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As one of the founding members of 37signals, not only did we name the company, but also did the identity system which consists of a variety of elements like business cards, letterhead first and second sheets, envelopes in a variety of sizes, mailing labels, note pads and stickers, to name a few. In February of 2014, they changed their name to Basecamp.

img 6938

37signals business card.

img 6998

37signals business card & mailing labels.

img 6995

37signals mailing labels.

img 6933

37signals promo card.

img 7006

37signals t-shirt.

img 6963

37signals coaster.

img 6973

37signals coaster.

img 6989

37signals CD.

37signals cd

37signals CDR.

37signals set 1

37signals stationery set.

37signals set 2

37signals stationery set.

37signals cards 2

37signals business cards.

37signals env

37signals envelope.

37signals cards 1

37signals business cards.

37signals let det

37signals letterhead detail.

37signals letter 1

37signals letterhead.