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Portfolio : Express : Jeans tags

Express Jeans commissioned Segura Inc (among others) to design hang tags for their "Dangerously Bold" jeans line. All of our solutions for the tags double as a "keepsakes" that could be used as fun and functional objects.

express pouch

Stitching and silkscreening on a cloth bag. It acts as the tag, but can also be used as a PDA, phone or MP3 case.

express template

This "template" acts as the tag, but can also be used as fun and playful way to draw your own "dangerously bold" stories using the cut-out figures and wheapons.

express wallet

A "sandwich of two layers of silk-screed clear plastic with a quarter in felt in the middle, stitched together to make a wallet, which also acts as the tag.

express patches

Quarter inch Plexiglass sheets with a nature scene silk-screened on the back. On the front are black and white iron-on patches of animals related to the image that can then be removed and applied to your clothing. This piece also acts as the "tag".

express grenade

This quarter inch piece of cork is silk-screened and die-cut with punch out shapes that build a grenade, it then comes together with the pin that attaches this "tag" to the jeans, turning into a playful toy.