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Afterburn is compilation that followed the release of Blackbox that included singles and unreleased tracks by artists like Ministry, Revolting Cocks, My Life With The Thrill Kill Cult, The KLF, 1000 Homo DJs (with Trent Reznor), Meat Beat Manifesto, The Young Gods, KMFDM, Coil, Front Line Assembly, Laidbach, Pailhead, Pig, Excessive Force, Chris Connelly, Sister Machine Gun, Lead Into Gold, Psykosonik, Strike Under, Psychic TV, Doubting Thomas, Greater Than One, Mussolini Headkick, Fred, Devine, Hope & Kirk, Controlled Bleeding, In The Nursery, Foetus, A Split Second, Wreck, PTP, Cyberactif, Clock DVA, Acid House and Pankow.

afterburn cd 1

Afterburn CD.