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The "Rock Book" is a limited edition book showcasing up-and-coming artists in the music industry.

rock book cover

The "Rock Book" cover.

rock book yorn

The "Rock Book" Pete Yorn spread.

king gregory 1

King Gregory spread.

noemi 1

No Emi spread.

noemi 2

No Emi spread.

dj spooky 1

DJ Spooky spread.

simi 1

Simi spread.

gran daddy

Gran Daddy spread.

atmosphere 1

Atmosphere spread.

atmosphere 2

Atmosphere spread.

tin star 1

Tin Star spread.

rock book cover 2

Front and back cover.

tin star american hi fi dj spooky chocolate genious

Tin Star spreads, American Hi-Fi spreads, DJ Spooky spreads., Chocolate Genius spreads.