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designinthemoment 1

Design in the Moment. 05-06-10. Carlos Segura will be interviewed in the Design In The Moment, podcast hosted by Jim Jacoby and Jim Cohen on May 6th, 2010. Read More »

designers studio

Segura joins Designers Studio. 04-05-10. Segura, along with Quim Massana (Known as Segura-Massana) have been invited to join the team at Designers Studio in London, who specialize in producing work for the theatre (plays, musicals, and opera), the music industry, film and television. Read More »

life in perpetual beta title

Life In Perpetual Beta. 04-01-10. After 18 months of filming discussions with the most creative, successful people, Life In Perpetual Beta, is a documentary produced and directed by Melissa Pierce, is near completion. Showcasing the thoughts, views and opinions of (in order of appearance) Chris Saad, Jeffrey Zeldman, Baratunde Thurston, Juliette Powell, Seth Godin, Biz Stone, Brian Solis, Liz Danzico, Xuanlan Nguygen, Carin Goldberg, Lorem Feldman, Jeff Pulver, Gary Vaynerchuk, Liz Strauss, Jim Coudal, Jake Nickell, Jeffrey Kalmikoff, Jason Fried, Tatiana DeMaria, Nova Spivack, Carlos Segura, Kevin Lyman and Dan Pink.

Life in Perpetual Beta is a documentary film about the ways in which technology has/is/will change the ways in which we think about ourselves as individuals and a society. It is exploring the cultural shift that technology creates as it enables people to live less planned and more passionate lives. Read More »

parallels audio visual 0

Parallels Audio Visual. 03-18-10. Carlos Segura will join Carlos Perez of Elastic People, Paul Forat, VP A&R Sony Music, Photographer Mateo Garcia, and Ed Agudelo, account director at Universal Music as part of the panel discussion at AIGA Miami's Parallels Audio Visual on Thursday, March 18, 2010 in Miami's Design District. Read More »

versus lead

Segura in Versus. 03-01-10. Segura is showcased in the 8th issue of Indonesia's Versus Magazine focusing on client relations. Read More »

segura at fresno title

Segura at Fresno. 02-08-10. Carlos Segura will make a presentation at The Fresno State Graphic Design Club's Lecture Series at Fresno State on February 18th, 2010 at 6pm. RSVP on Facebook. Read More »

segura humble pied

Humble Pied. 12-01-09. Another great project by Mig Reyes includes Carlos Segura's "single tip" on Humble Pied. Read More »


uKre8 Advice. 11-23-09. A few thoughts on how to be happy from George, of the VS Project, who is the main contributor to the uKre8 the VS project website. Carlos throws in a few thoughts in the fifth of 16 posts. Read More »

form cover det

Form Book & Promotion. 11-10-09. Sandu Publishing's Form "Book & Promotion" book showcases the very special and limited Rock Shox product catalog for SRAM. Read More »

segura designchat title

Design Chat with Segura. 09-01-09. Join Ryan McGovern at 8PM (Central Time) on Wednesday September 9th for a live video chat with Carlos Segura on DesignChat. The chat takes place at Mashable. Read More »

harpers bazzar logo

Harper's Bazzaar Korea. 07-27-09. Harper's Bazzaar Korea "Designer's Room" segment features Segura Inc, among others in the July 2009 issue. Read More »

aiga boston 1

AIGA Boston's 51 Posters. 06-12-09. In celebration of AIGA Boston's 25th Anniversary as a chapter, a limited edition of 350 commemorative books 51 Posters showcases 25 years of AIGA Boston's history through a treasury of the chapter's even posters (of which Segura's 1998 lecture is featured). Read More »

racetracks title

Racetracks. 04-01-09. Carlos Segura and Chris Manfre of Metaphors In Motion have created a font of 111 racetracks from around the work and available from the T26 Digital Type Foundry.
Read More »

graphica 1

Grafica Del Caribe. 03-08-09. Carlos Segura will be the keynote speaker at Grafica Del Caribe at the Centro De Convenciones in Puerto Rico, March 13-14, 2009. Read More »

iwys logo

Jason Wears My Shirt. 03-07-09. Twenty six year old Jason Sadler's "I Wear Your Shirt" project is brilliant, simple and fun. He's selling the upper-half of his wardrobe (shirts), every day of the year at face value, so January 1 is $1 and December 31 is $365. All 365 days without exception! Naturally we wanted to be a part of it so we (Cartype) bought Saturday, March 7th, 2009. Read More »

tokyo tdc cartype

Tokyo TDC awards Cartype. 02-13-09. The Tokyo Type Directors Club's 2009 Annual Awards competition has recognized Cartype out of 3,316 entries from all around the world. Read More »

segura logo final on white 1

New (old) Segura logo.. 02-01-09. A very short history of our new (old) Segura logo. Read More »

big book of brochures cover

Big Book of Brochures. 01-01-09. While the Crop series of brochures for Corbis and the very limited edition catalog for Rockshox are both a few years old, they continue to garnish recognition in our industry and are both featured in this comprehensive book published by Collins Design. Read More »

computerarts design icons segura 6

Computer Arts' "Design Icons" series. 12-09-08. The UK's Computer Arts has included Segura in their "Design Icons" series and is featured in an interview in the December 2008 issue. Read More »

dpi 3

Design Stars Boulevard. 12-03-08. DPi's Design Stars Boulevard Volume 3 showcases outstanding graphic design commissions between 2005 and 2008. Segura inc is among the selected firms and this issue features 3 case histories. Read More »

bastardised 1

Segura part of Bastardised group. 11-17-08. Carlos Segura is one of 189 global designers invited to bastardise the "Bunch" logo and included in their limited edition run of 1500 books showcasing all of the creations. Read More »

55dsl 1

Cut & Paste/55DSL challenge. 10-15-08. Carlos Segura will participate as one of the judges in the Cut & Paste/55DSL Logo Remix challenge. Read More »

the design entrepreneur 1

The Design Entrepreneur. 10-13-08. The T26 Digital Type Foundry is one of 48 designers featured in Steven Heller and Lita Talarico's book "The Design Entrepreneur" showcasing efforts implemented by working designers from around the world one how they "turned graphic design into goods that sell". Read More »

mexico h

Segura in Monterrey. 09-23-08. Carlos Segura will be one of the many speakers at this years U.Design Monterrey in Mexico from October 8th thru October 10 2008. Read More »

life in perpetual beta interview

Life In Perpetual Beta. 09-16-08. An interview of Carlos Segura by Life In Perpetual Beta at the 3rd Seed Conference in Chicago. Read More »

ct form h

CarType in Form. 08-07-08. The "Scene" section (page 30) of the July/August issue of Form magazine features a mention of our efforts to document the typography used in the car industry on Cartype . Read More »

business pov

Carlos Segura shares a few thoughts. 07-23-08. Recorded at Seed 3 in Chicago on June 6th by BusinessPOV, Carlos Segura shares a few thoughts on the daily grind of having the right business plan for you. Read More »

ct v2 h

Cartype V2. 06-09-08. Finally. The New CarType is up! A comprehensive collection of emblems, car company histories and logos, reviews of typographical and graphical applications, design features and just about anything that is car related. Read More »























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