Segura wins Red Dot Award two years in a row  (November 18, 2005)

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In 2004, the "Red Dot: Grand Prix" for the best of the total of 2,936 submitted works goes to the American design agency Segura Inc. for its "Crop" catalogue series for Corbis. This is the first year that the supreme distinction of the "Red Dot: Grand Prix" has gone to the USA, and we also won the "Red Dot: Best of the Best" award.

In 2005, we recieved the "Red Dot: Best of the Best" award for both Crop-5 and CACP, both again for Corbis.

"CROP" is a large format product catalogue series for the client Corbis Stock Photography. There have been seven produced to date as part of a re-branding effort. Segura Inc. have been involved with the client for almost two years. While the catalogues are free, print runs are limited to 30,000 and include an extraordinary number of different papers, printing techniques and varied content, all in specially produced packaging.

Founder and principal of the design company Segura Inc. is Carlos Segura, who is also the creative director of the "CROP" catalogues. After working for more than a decade in several prominent agencies such as HCM Marsteller, Young & Rubicam, DDB Needham or BBDO, both in Pittsburgh and Chicago, he decided to pursue a more creative approach to design by founding his own firm in 1991. With the instant success of Segura Inc., he founded T-26 Digital Type Foundry in 1994, which is one of today's leading promoters of independent font design.

The prize-winners visibly enjoyed their great appearance in front of the gathered communication design trade as well as receiving their cheques on stage.

The winner of the "Red Dot: Grand Prix" receives a prize-money of Euro 10,000, which this year has been sponsored by the Essen-based Allianz insurance agency Krenzler Graf Biermann.

Also at the opening of the "Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2004" special exhibition, which followed the presentation of prizes, and the "Late Night Party" in the red dot design museum, Segura and Janssen continued to be in the centre of attention and were celebrated into the small hours. Carlos Segura: "It is a great honour to receive the highest distinction in one of the most significant design competitions of our trade."

c1 set

Crop 1 sampler.

c2 set

Crop 2 sampler.

c3 set

Crop 3 sampler.

c5 set

Crop 5 sampler.

red dot in

Crop 5 packaging.

crop perpignan book

Crop "Perpignan" sampler.

cacp set

Crop "CACP" sampler.

rd 4 speech

Red Dot presenters' speech.

rd 3

Red Dot Communication Design 2004.

rd 2

Red Dot Grand Prix 2004.

rd awards in

Red Dot awards.

rd 6 show

Red Dot awards presentation.

rd 5 us

Red Dot Event. (Carlos and Sun Segura).

rd 7 entrance

Red Dot Design Museum in Essen Germany.























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