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T26 June 2014 Font Showcase - Jun 1, 2014  (permalink)

The T26 features for June include DIY Time by Luciano and Coto, Como, Graphie and Pero by Ryoichi Tsunekawa, Borda and Limewire by Jonathan Hill, Stitching by Vincenzo Crisafulli and Consuelo by Eli Hernández.

t26 june 14

Truth 7th Birthday Poster - Mar 18, 2014  (permalink)

Congrats to @Truth_Creative on their 7th Birthday. Thanks for making us a part of it and honored to be among the previous contributors, like Peter Hook, Wim Crouwel, Milton Glaser, Supermundane, Si Scott with the first poster designed by founding partner Darren Scott.

thruth 7 poster

T26 January 2014 Font Showcase - Jan 1, 2014  (permalink)

The T26 Font Showcase for January include Grafolita Script by Rui Abreu, Ealing by Michael Parson, Insider by René Verkaart, Refrigerator Deluxe by Mark Simonson, Regime by Virus, Tailor by Tomi Haaparanta, Grota Rounded by Eli & Daniel Hernandez, Justus Pro by URW, and Rayuele by Pampa Type.

t26 font showcases jan 14.png

T26 December 2013 Font Showcase - Dec 1, 2013  (permalink)

The T26 font features for December include Claustrum by Neil Summerour, Compliment, Adagio Pro, Balladeer and Ballerina Pro by URW & Profonts, Kunstlerschreibschrift by URW, Bacchus by Gábor Kóthay, Civility, Van Den Velde by Iza W and Ignorance by Michael Parson.

t26 december 13 howcase.png

Cartype - Sep 26, 2013  (permalink)

Here are some beautiful car emblems and logos.

berwin car show title

T26 September 2013 Font Showcase - Sep 5, 2013  (permalink)

T26's key feature for September is the launch of their WEBFONTS section, which will continue to grow each and every week, all with generous licensing plans and no annual fees.

This is, of course, in addition to the collection of monthly new releases and best sellers, which include Ignorance by Michael Parson, Romantica and Cruz Stencil by Ray Cruz, Nicholas Cochin and Cabarett Standard by URW, Rayuela by PampaType, Reform by Psy/Ops and Anuthin Wongsakakon, Otis Condensed by Wayne Thonpson, Synergy by Dave Wilson and Karl by Daniel Janssen.

t26 sept showcase.png

CarChat with Carlos Segura about wagons - Sep 1, 2013  (permalink)

Carlos Segura (founder of discusses station wagons, which are his favorites and what european classic cars he's fond of, plus a few car maintenance tips.

carchat cs v3 title

CarChat with Mike Marijanovic of The WerkShop - Aug 23, 2013  (permalink)

Mike Marijanovic of The WerkShop in Libertyville, Illinois talks about the restoration of a very rare 1958 BMW 503 Roadster.

carchat title mm

The WerkShop - Aug 21, 2013  (permalink)

Don Dethlefsen of The WerkShop in Libertyville, Illinois talk with Cartype about the restoration of the extremely rare 1970 BMW 3.0si Estate Wagon, of which only about 10 are thought to exist in the world.

screen shot 2013 08 21 at 1.38.27 pm.png

T26 August 2013 Font Showcase - Aug 1, 2013  (permalink)

The August T26 Font Showcase features 8 fonts starting with Carouge Pro by André Simard & PSY/OPS, Courtney by Eli Hernandez, Doctrine by Virus, Azo Sans Uber by Rui Abreu, Jane by Michael Parson, Samaritan Tall by Comicraft, LST by Vincenzo Crisafulli and Lucida Fax by URW.

t26 font showcase august 13.png

T26 July 2013 Font Showcase - Jul 1, 2013  (permalink)

The July T26 Font Showcase features 8 fonts starting with Kahlo Rounded by Luciano Vergara, Vekta Serif by Neil Summerour, Saa and Vendome by URW, Drone by Virus, Van Den Velde by Iza W, Ekistra and House Of Cards by Ryoichi Tsunekawa.

t26 july 2013 showcase.png












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