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T26 August Font showcase - Jul 30, 2011  (permalink)

t26 august 11
The T26 August Font showcase includes Korolev by Rian Hughes, LST by Vincenzi Crisafulli, Aaux Next by Neil Summerour, Schneidler and Lucida Fax by URW, Menina Formosa Iza W, Angle Grinder by Just, Diago by Daniel Janssen, Guadalupe Essential and Dans Le Cuisine by Latinotype.

CarChat with Sydny Smith - Jul 21, 2011  (permalink)

carchat sydny smith title
13 year old Sydny Smith reveals a child's perspective of the auto industry. What cars she likes, why and who makes the best ones.

CarChat with Sid Gonzales - Jul 21, 2011  (permalink)

carchat title sg
CarChat with Sid Gonzales of VetexAuto in Miami Florida. They specialize in Porsche and he walks us thru the history, generations and unique attributes of all of the 911 models.

Slanted knows Jack - Jul 13, 2011  (permalink)

jd font
Thanks to Slanted for the nice post on our recent Jack Daniels custom font.

Spider madness - Jul 5, 2011  (permalink)

samsung infuse.png
The new Samsung Infuse 4G spot is just hilarious.

Segura's thoughts on the car biz - Jul 5, 2011  (permalink)

carchat title cs
The founder of cartype.com, Carlos Segura reveals his thoughts on the state of the current US car industry, which vehicles he finds outstanding and which are in a delicate situation.

T26 July Font showcase - Jul 1, 2011  (permalink)

t26 july 11
The T26 July Font showcase includes Chato by Ernesto Gonzalez Herron, Tar by Tomi Haaparanta, Manuskript Antiqua, Palladio and Komisz, all by URW, Drone by Virus, Imprenta Royal Nonpareil and Eingraviert Dutch Capitals, both by Iza W, Wormwood Gothic by Rian Hughes, and Zoobie by Wayne Thompson.












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