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T26 August Font Showcase - Jul 31, 2010  (permalink)

marquer banner 1
August's featured fonts from T26 include Suomi Slab Serif and Tobacco by Tomi Haaparanta, Default Gothic by PsyOps, Croog and Cargo TRF by Ramis Guseynov, Changeling by Mark Simonson, Marquer Script by Segura and Ramac, Amorpheus by Ryan Hughes.

A little story of why we love to ride. - Jul 24, 2010  (permalink)

There is nothing that can match the feeling on a bike. Especially when there are bright blue skies above you with just a hint of a few fluffy clouds.

"The Most Interesting Man In The World" - Jul 14, 2010  (permalink)

most interesting man
I love this new "The Most Interesting Man In The World" campaign for XX beer, played by actor Jonathan Goldsmith. Great music, film and writing. Even the voiceover is just perfect. Very well done.

Racetracks - Jul 14, 2010  (permalink)

racetracks title
Racetracks by Carlos Segura and Chris Manfre is a tribute to 111 of the best known tracks in the world.

Segura Nonsek - Jul 7, 2010  (permalink)

T26 July Font Showcase - Jul 1, 2010  (permalink)

July's featured fonts from T26 include Creamy Script by Franck Montfermé, Refrigerator Deluxe and Mostra by Mark Simonson, Neubau by Ramiz Guseynov, HushHush by Comicraft and Ticketbook by Tomi Haaparanta.

Also featured this month is SketchType - Volume 2, by The Organic Type, which includes 20 original hand-drawn type sets in 60 files (300 dpi, transparent grayscale, Photoshop PSD format). It makes it easy to incorporate the texture of hand-drawn lettering into any project without ever picking up a pencil.

Additionally, Stalker is a collection of 52 illustrations by Katey Rafanello and they are just hilarious.












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