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Blog : April 2010

Cullman - Apr 29, 2010  (permalink)

There is something so refreshing about this spot, they should all be like this.

The Wand - Apr 15, 2010  (permalink)

The Kymera Magic Wand is a buttonless remote control.

Tick letters - Apr 8, 2010  (permalink)

stick letters
A complete uppercase alphabet, including numbers and punctuation, constructed from Birch tree twigs.

Streets Of Sadness - Apr 8, 2010  (permalink)

sos logo.png
The Streets Of Sadness effort attempts to shed light on those whove had it bad for a long time.

Koon Art - Apr 6, 2010  (permalink)

koons art detail
BMW announced that the 17th Art Car created by Jeff Koons will race at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in France.

iCade - Apr 1, 2010  (permalink)

icade main zoom
Slide the iPad into the iCade docking cradle using the standard 30 pin connector to link the iPad to the professional-grade arcade controls. Once the iPad is in place, launch the iCade App (available free in the App Store April 3rd) and it's game on!

T26 April Font Showcase - Apr 1, 2010  (permalink)

suomi sans
The T26 font releases for April include a six-weight font called Knight Sans by Ekaluk Peanpanawate, a four-weight font called Margarita by Pampa, a twelve-weight font called Suomi Sans, as well as Suomi Script, with over 1500 ligatures by Tomi Haaparanta, an eight-weight font called Vetka Serif by Neil Summerour, a three-weight font called Wild Words Lower by Comicraft and a three-weight font called Blakely by Mark Simonson.












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