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Blog : February 2010

Cartype Flavor - Feb 27, 2010  (permalink)

flavors promo banner
Everything you want to know from Cartype in one easy place.

5inch on The Dieline - Feb 24, 2010  (permalink)

5inch bikini.png
Thanks to Dieline for recognizing the package design for the 5inch product line.

20 of the worst brand names - Feb 24, 2010  (permalink)

pee cola
It simply beyond me how these got thru.

Design Chat at STA - Feb 22, 2010  (permalink)

sta designchat
The STA and Critical Mass Chicago hosts Ryan McGovern of Design Chat to discuss the growing popularity of his video/Twitter informal design discussions.

NYC from above - Feb 11, 2010  (permalink)

NYC.gov has recently launched a Google-esque interactive aerial map of New York in 1924 and Hyperakt has put togather a before and after history of NYC told by comparing aerial photography from 1924 and 2008.

Textile designs by Leah Evans - Feb 11, 2010  (permalink)

leah evans
This post really began a year ago when I went to the Bucktown Art Fair in Chicago and met Leah Evans. I lost touch with her but went back to the same show on August 23rd, 2008 in the hopes to see her, and there she was, showcasing her work better than ever.

E-Trade Baby - Feb 7, 2010  (permalink)

etrade baby.png
If you don't laugh, and I mean out loud, you are dead.

Music by Birds - Feb 4, 2010  (permalink)

bird music.png
French artist CÚleste Boursier-Mougenot creates works by drawing on the rhythms of daily life to produce sound in unexpected ways.

For his installation in The Curve, Boursier-Mougenot creates a walk-though aviary for a flock of zebra finches, furnished with electric guitars and other musical instruments. As the birds go about their routine activities, perching on or feeding from the various pieces of equipment, they create a captivating, live soundscape.

Michael Paul Smith's models - Feb 4, 2010  (permalink)

michael paul smith 1
What started out as an exercise in model building and photography, ended up as a dream-like reconstruction of the town Michael Paul Smith grew up in.

T26 February Font Showcase - Feb 1, 2010  (permalink)

T26's February collection includes Cowboyslang by HVD, Metallophile SP8 by Mark Simonson, Tang by Tomi Haaparanta, Adios Gringo by Fenotype, You Blockhead by Comicraft, Tooting Sans by Hamburger Fonts and Linewire by Johnathan Hill.












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