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Blog : August 2009

Carbon case - Aug 30, 2009  (permalink)

carbon fiber iphone case
Very cool real carbon fiber iPhone 3G/3GS case available in both a matte and gloss finish.

Point In Case - Aug 28, 2009  (permalink)

point in case.png
Arguments for the Classification of Typefaces. Carlos Segura on page 34 and Jim Marcus on page 37.

Ikea Fans Fume over Switch to Verdana - Aug 28, 2009  (permalink)

The online forum Typophile closed its first post on the subject with the words, "It's a sad day."

Proof Reading Marks - Aug 27, 2009  (permalink)

A great quick and easy resource of proof reading marks.

Memo clock - Aug 26, 2009  (permalink)

clock memo
I just love simple ideas like this. This clock, designed by Il-Gu Cha, allows you to jot down meetings and other important events right of the face.

Guber turntable - Aug 26, 2009  (permalink)

guber turntable.png
Connect the USB port of the CM-02 to a USB port of a computer. It works with the standard driver of the computer OS and does not require any special installment to send sound data.

Send Me Something - Aug 26, 2009  (permalink)

send me.png
You just send them a self-addressed stamped envelope, and they send it back to you with something inside. Why not.

Cassettes - Aug 26, 2009  (permalink)

A project built to showcase the amazing beauty and (sometimes) weirdness found in the designs of the common audio tape cassette.

Walking boxes - Aug 26, 2009  (permalink)

arrow box
Just for fun and nothing more.

Audi Typographic Relaunch - Aug 24, 2009  (permalink)

audi type
If you look closely at some recent print ads from Audi you may discover a subtle typographic restyling. The automotive constructor stopped using the modified Univers Extended called Audi Sans introduced 12 years ago by MetaDesign, and switched to AudiType.

What Will Record Labels Look Like in the Future? - Aug 21, 2009  (permalink)

home taping is killing music.gif
Then, as the infamous "home taping is killing music" warning inside record sleeves indicated, the music business (record labels and trade groups in particular) became concerned that blank cassettes were eroding profits.












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