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A Moving Relationship - Feb 28, 2009  (permalink)

a moving relationship.png
There are so many things I like about this project. The fact that photographer Matteo Ferrari took the time to research these people by leaving notes on their cars and then made the effort to replicate the images as close to the originals is really outstanding.

Mike Mangini - Feb 27, 2009  (permalink)

mike mangini
Mike Mangini is the king of double bass. There's gotta be a second guy hiding down there.

Dave Weckl - Feb 27, 2009  (permalink)

dave weckl
Dave Weckl is the king of drummers. He makes it look so easy it's as if he's half asleep.

The Kogi Korean Taco Truck - Feb 24, 2009  (permalink)

From L.A. comes The Koji Korean Taco Truck.

Racing Decals. - Feb 9, 2009  (permalink)

sta lube
muscle power frod 60s
The racing field has alot to offer, and it includes typography as well. Cartype features just a tiny, and random few of the great decals and emblems, new and old (in no particular order).

Vintage Visions of the Future - Feb 7, 2009  (permalink)

russia cover 53
A great reference of Soviet & Eastern Bloc "popular tech & science" illustrations, just to name a few, all from the Golden Age of Retro-Future (from 1930s to 1970s).

Monster: Need a new job? - Feb 2, 2009  (permalink)

monster new job spot
This is my pick for the best Super Bowl spot.

T26 February Font Showcase - Feb 1, 2009  (permalink)

The font showcase for February includes Diago by Danial Janssen, Decima by Ramiz Guseynov, Soiree by Jacqueline Yue, Big Boy by Micheal Parson, and Primal Scream and Spill proof, both by Comicraft.












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