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Oil-related "cinderellas" - Jan 31, 2009  (permalink)

Many seals, stickers and window decals were produced by oil companies to advertise their products. These are just a few examples of the many thousands of such items that are related to petroleum. These cinderellas are from the U.S., Denmark, Sweden, Germany, France and Great Britain

1983 Apple Event Bill Gates and Steve Jobs - Jan 28, 2009  (permalink)

apple 83 event
A rare (cut) dating-game style event with Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Greg Gibbons and Mitch Kapor.

"389 Years Ago" poster - Jan 25, 2009  (permalink)

389years poster
The "389 Years Ago" poster was created by Jess Bachman on the night of November 4th and inspired by Barack Obama's victory. This poster is not a tally of African American achievements, rather it is a record of progress and setbacks.

Japan Manhole Covers - Jan 20, 2009  (permalink)

jap manhole cover
Japanese manhole covers, which come in a variety of designs depending on locality, utility type and the manufacturer of the manhole cover, have caught the imagination of a growing number of "drainspotters" from around the world.

Robotic Calligraphers - Jan 20, 2009  (permalink)

robot calligraphers
This robot has been programmed to write out the entire Martin Luther bible in a calligraphic style on a long roll of paper.

Ad Talk - Jan 9, 2009  (permalink)

I statement I have found to very true (and use as guide to help me stay on message) by Gaping Void.

58 Blogging Tips Collected from the Web - Jan 8, 2009  (permalink)

Developer's Desk offers this collecting tips to help this bloggers.

Air Mail - Jan 7, 2009  (permalink)

If you have a MacBook Air, this is truly the most perfect sleeve for it.

T26 January Font Showcase - Jan 1, 2009  (permalink)

T26 starts the new with Golem and Sign Language by Comicraft, Faddish and Jane by Michael Parson, Miyagi by Thinkdust, and Bingo and Mulgrave by Rian Hughes.












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