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The Holiday Bundle - Nov 30, 2008  (permalink)

holiday bundle
Great gift. It includes the "Lights", "Deluxe Tree" and "Stay Warm" CDRs, each with a matching Trigger Case from 5inch.

The "COPO" shirt - Nov 30, 2008  (permalink)

cartype shirt copo black
The "COPO" shirt celebrates the "Central Office Production Order" process that gave birth to history's best muscle cars and is available in black and white thru Cartype.

Soviet Union Russia Labels - Nov 22, 2008  (permalink)

soviet union russia label 1
Intourist was renowned as the official state travel agency of the Soviet Union. It was founded in 1929 by Joseph Stalin and was responsible for managing the great majority of foreigners' access to, and travel within, the Soviet Union. It grew into one of the largest tourism organizations in the world, with a network embracing banks, hotels, and money exchanges.

Some of the best Intourist labels and brochures produced during the 1930's were designed by A. Selensky. Some of the labels in this flickr set are signed by him, including a rare constructivist style travel brochure

Peter Schiff Had Incredible Foresight - Nov 22, 2008  (permalink)

peter schiff
Absolutely nothing to do with design, it's just that this guy is a genius.

I Wear Your Shirt - Nov 20, 2008  (permalink)

iwearyourshirt logo
A great and simple (new biz) idea. Jason Sadler of Florida will wear a different shirt for 365 days straight in 2009 for a fee. Cartype is in for March 7, 2009.

GOP 100 - Nov 13, 2008  (permalink)


Thomas Fuchs' collaboration with Felix Sockwell gives birth to GOP100 - Deconstructing Dumbo, a self published book with 100 deconstructions of the Republican Logo.

Obama - Nov 4, 2008  (permalink)

obama button

HE WON!!! Chicago is celebrating and it is fantastic here.

The city is saying there are over over 50,000 people in Grant Park, and an additional 30,000 on the sidelines watching history being made.

Obama (the 44th President of the United States) is currently at The Hilton and will join the crowds in Grant Park.

A disappointed but gracious John McCain gave his speech congratulating and supporting Obama.

See the poster by Shepard Fairy (of Obey fame). You can get a copy for yourself.

November Font Showcase - Nov 1, 2008  (permalink)

ww vol2 promo
November starts off with a bang by offering Wood Type Impressions, V2 by Without Walls. A stunning collection of 250 high-resolution Wood Type images. September's introduction of Wood Type Impressions V1 was a huge success. Fonts include Scott McCloud by Comicraft, Maryam by Ricardo Esteves Gomes, Schneidler Grobe Gotisch by Isa W. and a collection of dingbats called Robo by Cadson Demak.












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